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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ReAl SiMs = ReAl ArT

I've always found it odd, and a little off putting, when folks that play the sims use human art form for decoration.

Nope, none of that here, today we have sim art.........visually appealing sims, not just sitting around but doing things.  I hope to see some of my subjects adorning your fireplace mantel or desk.

Fabulous floor frame mesh by Sandy at ATS


Download paintings and mesh HERE

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A tisket a tasket, today I've got these hanging baskets

Because plain greenery can get kinda boring and in keeping with the spring theme, I've retextured a plant and today I've got a batch of hanging, flowering baskets.  A combination of different florals and colors.  There's a lipstick vine, clematis, poppies, daisies and such.  Big bonus, you don't have to water them.

Wonderful mesh by wood for sims, included.


Download the baskets and mesh here

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pushing Daisies & Other Blooms

one of my favorite things about the sims 2 is flowers and plants.  i can live without almost any other "clutter" but give me my blooms!

This quirky plant mesh is from blacky's sim zoo and I love it.  I decided that it needed other blooms however, so I retextured the flowers and am darn pleased with the results.

Then I moved on to doing some fantasy recolors of this cute little art deco table from sim antiques.  The table combined with these plants will liven up any room you set them in.  Guaranteed to bloom every day, every year or your money back :)


Download the florals here with the zoo's mesh
Download the tables and sim antiques mesh here

A True Story............

Ok, so my husband an I went bed shopping and I totally fell in love with the black platform, four poster bed from the "new orleans" collection.  It had a really cute natural wicker inset.

My husband liked the bed too but we had already agreed that we needed the storage drawer base and this particular bed didn't come with the storage drawer option.  Dang!  We bought a different bed from the same collection with the drawers......and no wicker inset.

Oh, well..........I recreated it for the sims 2 instead of having it in reality.  I also did up some nice bedding options using Jonesi's blanket mesh.  Of course, if you skaddle over to Sims2artists Forum and pick up all the respository items there, you'll have way more than bedding options with these prints.

Anyway, enjoy my fantasy bed.

download Lucas's fabulous bed mesh and Jonesi's blanket mesh with my retextures/recolors here

Monday, April 19, 2010

Another blast from the past~Shabby Chic

Another set of files from the archives.  These sets are pure shabby chic and feature lots of pastel tones.  I was rather proud of the detail that I achieved with the quilts.  Anyway, I did beds, chests, end tables.......kind of got carried away.  To make matters worse, I didn't give the files very descriptive names......so guess what, it will be like a mad grab bag because I'm listing them all here and you'll have to sort it out.

Ok, I think I'm done......thanks to Nengi, CTNutmegger, Jonesi, Snowstorm, Sims Divine, and Marmy for all the fine meshes which are included.  Like I said, it's a crap shoot :) there are four downloads in total, go on...take a chance, you know you want to.

More Old Stuff

So a couple more items that I did for the now defunct SimAntics.

This set was based on Exnem Sims wallmask.  I called it the "Pictures of Relation" set for lack of a better term.

I really liked this relief set and both give a room a nice focal point.


Thanks to Exnem Sims for this great mesh which is included

Old relics found

I used to belong to DL's SimAntics....there I was known as Ms. Simbodies.  

Since her site is now closed, I've pulled out some of my old stuff.  Feel free to grab what you like and as they say, leave the rest.  Some of it wasn't too bad.....like the One Beachin Kitchen and Sienna Kitchen & Dining, my recolors of Buggy's fine kitchen basic meshes and with the Sienna Dining, Holy Simoly's Adele Dining Chairs.

Enjoy if you so choose :)

One beachin kitchen
The Sienna kitchen & dining

Thanks to Buggy and Holy Simoly for the fine meshes, which are included

Download One Beachin Kitchen
Download Sienna Kitchen & Dining

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kickin this site off

So I'm kicking off my new blog site with some retextures/recolors of a couple of my favorite meshes.  Both by Simply Styling, these sideboards will spice up any room.  Something modern, something contemporary and something shabby chic.

Enjoy this eclectic mix.

Simply Styling, Dining 7 Sideboard

Simply Styling Living 6 Sideboard

Thanks to Simply Styling for the fine meshes